Our Services

We have all kinds of Enamel Paint, Exterior and Interior Emulsion and Wall Putty. The Interior Paint Breathe easy, Easy clean, PU wall coat is better for Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Home and for Airport. Mainly the Breathe easy odourless Emulsion is suitable for Hospitals, Nursing Home for elderly persons having breathing problem. We are having Exterior Emulsion paint for Antifungal, Weather resistant, Tile Protection, UV degradation and for hair line crack.

We have MRF Polyurethane paints for Doors, Windows, Wooden furniture's also for wooden and iron gates. Apart from this we have specialized paint and chemical coating for Aqua culture farms.

And we have Special coatings from Sika India Ltd and Dr. Fixit (i.e.) Rain coat. Rain guard, Raintite, New Coat and waterproofing chemicals to arrest leakage, seepage, dampness and for antirusting, rehabilitation work. Different types of coating for terrace leakage, water tank and for sunken portion. We are having special purpose paint heat shield and coolux for cooling effect.

Also, we are selling Skin Panel Doors, Membrane Doors, Commercial Flush Doors, Water Proofing Flush Doors Shutting Plywoods.